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I got my first Chesapeake in 1996.  I knew I wanted to 'get into dogs' but I had no idea where that first Chesapeake of mine would have lead me down the path I currently am on!  Sadly several health issues caused my dreams of showing 'Hampden' not to happen, but the desire was still there.  Hampden's life was cut much too short and my heart ached for another Chesapeake.

My husband knowing how much I wanted to have another dog surprised me in 1998 with my wonderful girl Sydney.  I showed Sydney in conformation a few times, but I could tell she really did not enjoy it and I struggled with not really understanding the ins and outs of showing a dog in conformation.  I then chose to send Sydney off to a 'trainer' for hunt tests.  I was able to run her in AKC Junior hunt tests and UKC Started hunt tests in which she earned titles in both organizations.  I had a litter of pups out of Sydney in 2001 by a fabulous dog named 'Brave' (CH Meadowood's Home Of The Brave UD, MH, AX, WDQ**).  Brave to this day is one of very few (if not the only!) Chesapeakes that is titled in conformation, obedience, agility, hunt tests, and has a field trial JAM.  Knowing that Brave was such a 'special' and 'unique' dog piqued my interest to try 'different' things with my dogs.  Unfortunately in my area there are limited training resources so I was stuck wishing, but not 'doing.'

Several years went by and my desire to 'do something' with my dogs never dwindled.  I had shown my puppy, Walker, that I had kept out of the Brave x Sydney breeding and was able to get a show Championship on him.  I learned how to show in conformation by standing ringside watching the handlers that I thought looked good in the ring.   With Walker's Championship title earned I wanted to do something else with him.  I started to search for anywhere that taught obedience or agility classes.  I finally found a new facility that was about an hour away and I started taking Rally Obedience classes with Sydney.  Sydney and I earned her Rally Excellent title.  My first 'upper level' title I put on a dog.  I was thrilled!  I was also HOOKED into the world of dog sports.

Fast forward to 2006.  After what seemed like a string of HORRIBLE luck with dogs, I started to search for a female to purchase.  In August 2006 I brought home a sweet little brown girl I named 'Brier.'  Brier opened a whole new world of opportunities for me and this is where my story really takes off...
Anything and almost everything that a dog and person could do, Brier and I tried (and usually succeeded!).  Conformation (she earned her AKC Champion title before she was a year old), Rally (earned her Rally Novice title when she was 7 months old), Tracking (was certified to do AKC Tracking tests when she was a year old), Agility (ran in her first AKC agility trial when she was 15 months old), Dock Jumping, Obedience, you name it, we have tried it and are still to this day competing in all sorts of dog sports and activities. Brier undoubtedly is one of the most versatile titled Chesapeakes living.  She has set records, been 'the first' Chesapeake to earn titles in several venues, but most of all she has left an indelible impression to all she meets.

During this time I had bred a few litters with two girls that I had leased. With these litters I had decided to take somewhat of a different approach to breeding then what most of the other breeders I had encountered. I wanted the buyers of the pups to be 'involved' in the rearing of the litters having them out to visit the puppies often. I also wanted to encourage those that wanted to become active in dog sports to go out and try it.  I wanted to be 'available' to my 'puppy people' so when they needed help or encouragement with whatever was happening in their lives I could be there to support them.  I wanted to be the type of breeder that was not only the person who sold someone a puppy, but became part of a family. 
In the last few years some of my fondest memories have been with my family,
my Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes family. 





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