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Raw Meat Diets

Raw Fed Dogs Since 2005

What is a raw meat diet?

A raw meat diet is just that, a diet fed to dogs that is raw meats, chicken, beef, pork, fish, and/or other proteins. 
Some owners choose to add fresh fruits and veggies, some choose not to add fruits and veggies.
Some owners will add dairy, some don't.
And some owners will choose to add whole grains to the diet, where others choose not to.

Why feed a raw meat diet?
A raw meat diet is a back to basics form of feeding your dog.
Long before kibble was a 'staple' for dogs owners to feed their dogs they fed their dogs table scraps and meat trimmings.  Dogs lived a long life with few known issues of health problems.
Feeding 'raw' is just bring dogs back to a more 'natural' form of feeding. 
Dogs teeth are designed for ripping meat (long canines) and crushing bone ('sharp' molars).  Dogs teeth are not designed for chewing kibble ('flat' molars like a humans).

Is it difficult to make and feed?

As I explain to my puppy buyers...feeding a raw meat diet can be as easy or as hard as you choose to make it!  
There are SO many options out there now from pre-packaged patties that are a 'complete' diet where all you have to do is defrost and feed to Fido to going all out and mixing and making your own 'diet' for your dog.
You need to do research as you need to make sure the dog is getting a 'balanced' diet, but for the most part, feeding a raw meat diet is very simple!

How expensive is it?

In my opinion feeding a raw meat diet is really not THAT expensive.  On average it costs about $1.50-$3.00 per day per dog (I'm obviously feeding Chesapeakes).  That is CHEAPER than buying a Starbucks drink everyday!  The benefits of feeding a raw meat diet outweigh any 'additional' costs that some might feel they spend compared to most 'grocery store' bought dog kibble.




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